Thursday, February 28, 2013

UCM content access issue

When user logged into UCM,  the content will be displayed accordingly based on roles assigned to user.

If we are trying to map, weblogic AD user groups with UCM roles, we need to create a credential map and refer it in JPS provider configuration.

In case, if user is still not able to view the content (even though proper groups assigned in AD), try below steps.

1. Log into UCM console as admin and Enable jpslog
2. Login to UCM console using user credentials
3. Parellelly monitor jpslog and check whether groups fetching from weblogic AD or not.
4. If not, re-order the weblogic AD groups and test the scenario
    If still not working, delete and re-create weblogic AD groups and check the logs. Make sure the admin & managed servers restarted.

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