Monday, March 25, 2013

Create BPM Process using Composer

Applicable to BPM Suite 11g (

Instead of using BPM Studio (Jdeveloper), we can use BPM Composer to create BPM process on fly. Following tutorial gives steps to create simple BPM process using BPM Composer.
  • Login to BPM Composer http://localhost:8001/bpm/composer

  • BPM Composer page will be displayed as shown below. Existing projects also displayed under BPM Projects. Click on New Project.

  • Enter Project Details (Name, Description, Template). Select Workflow if needed. Restrict project access. Click Finish.

  • Click on New process under Project Home tab and provide Process Name.

  • Click on Created BPM Process.

  • Process Flow window appears as shown below. Right Click on Start activity and select Implement. Add required arguments as Input Parameters. For Ex: FirstName(String) & LastName(String). Click on Apply Changes and Save.

  • Again Right Click on Start activity and select Data Association. Add required data objects to hold input data. For Ex: add FirstName(String) & LastName(String) as shown below.

  • Drag and drop created data objects to create mapping between input parameters and process data objects. Click Apply.

  • Go back to Process tab . Right click on End activity and select Implement. Add Output arguments. For Ex: FullName(String). And select process as Synchronous and select Reply to Start activity. Click Apply Changes.
  • Again Right click on End activity and select Data Association. Click on Express function and Add Simple expression. For Ex: FirstName + " " + LastName. Click on Apply.

  • Save the project and click on Validate. Check Validation tab.

  • Click On Save and Release. Click on Main Menu and select Deployment --> Deploy project. Enter credentials and project revision etc. Click on Deploy. A confirmation window will be appeared once deployment is completed.

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