Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Exposing ADF BC as Service Interface

Here I have provided detailed steps to expose ADF Business Components as a Web service interface using sample application.

  • Create an ADF application
  • Go to Model project and right click New

  • Select Business Components from Tables
  • Select Database connection and click OK
  • Select required tables as entity objects
  • Select required View Objects
  • Choose Application Module
  • Click Finish to create Business Components in Model project
  • Click on Application Module and go to Service Interface section. Click on Green plus icon.
  • Check ‘Generate Asynchronous Web Service Methods’
  • Select required component instances and respective operations
  • Click Finish to create Service Interface
  • Right click on Model project --> select New --> Go to Deployment Profiles section. Select Business Components Service Interface
  • Provide Deployment profile name and click OK
  • Go to Application Properties --> Deployment --> New
  • Select Archive Type as EAR file and provide name
  • In the EAR Deployment Profile editor, select the node Application Assembly and select only MiddleTier and click OK.
  • Back in the Deployment page for the Application Properties; uncheck the checkbox “Auto Generate and Synchronize weblogic-jdbc.xml Descriptors During Deployment”
  • Go to ApplicationModule --> Configuration. Set AM Service configuration as Default Configuration
  • Go to Model Project Properties --> Java EE Application --> Change Web application name and Web Context root as needed
  • Create required Data Source in Weblogic Console
  • Deploy to Weblogic Server

  • After successful deployment, Login to WLS console and go to deployments. Click on deployed application --> go to Testing tab. Check the Test URL. Alternatively, you can login to EM console to get WSDL details
  • Open browser and access deployed application WSDL
  • Copy the service location URL from WSDL and access the URL from browser. Check the list of operations available
  • Select any one operation and test it

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