Thursday, November 21, 2013

WC Spaces Startup Error: Cannot open Web producer connection

Applicable to 11g PS5:

If you are facing following error message in log files during WebCenter Spaces managed server start up, check whether WebCenter Portlet managed server is already up and running.

<Error> <oracle.portlet.client> <WCS-40144> <Import of producer /oracle/adf/portlet/export/oracle/adf/portlet/wc-WebClipping_51f3fd31-8a45-406c-ba3d-81757d93f702 failed. The failure has been stored for possible retry.
oracle.portlet.client.container.PortletConnectionException: Cannot open Web producer connection.
        at oracle.portlet.client.techimpl.web.WebClientImpl.registerProducer(

To avoid this error, make sure that you have started Collaboration, Portlet, Utilities managed servers before starting Spaces managed server.

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