Monday, December 2, 2013

Enable APEX application to load in Frames

Applicable to APEX Version 4.2 and FMW

Recently, I tried to load APEX application in ADF/WebCenter application page region using ADF faces component af:InlineFrame. The result is empty page, the af:InlineFrame component was not able to render the APEX application page.

After lot of trails, Luckily I walk through APEX user guide and understood the security constraints on APEX page to avoid "ClickJacking" attacks.

After changing Browser Security settings to allow Embed In Frames(as mentioned in user guide), the af:InlineFrame component was able to render the APEX application page.

Steps to change Browser Security settings in APEX:
1. Login to APEX main page
2. Click on Application Builder --> Application

3. Go to Shared Components and Click on Security Attributes

4. In Security Attributes page, go to Browser Security section. Select Allow for Embed in Frames option.

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