Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SOA Suite - Disable B2B

Log on the Enterprise Manager and navigate to soa-infra.  Right click and open the SOA Infrastructure menu, then SOA Administration, then B2B Server Properties.

Click on the More B2B Configuration Properties link.

Go to the Operations tab. Click on the addProperty operation to define a new property.

In the key field, enter b2b.donot_initialize.  In the value field, enter true. Click on the Invoke button to add the property.

Restart server.

Also disable the DBMS job that refreshes the B2B materialized view by executing following command in database.

alter materialized view dev_soainfra.b2b_system_mv refresh on demand;

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  1. If we want to run the dbms_refresh.refresh('"DEV_SOAINFRA"."B2B_SYSTEM_MV"') every hour
    where and how should we do it?


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