Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ADF: Show/Hide af:outputText based on Interval

Recently I came across a requirement to show/hide text on page based on certain time interval. I achieved it by using af:poll component. Even though we can do it through setInterval function available in javascript, I faced some problem with clearInterval in different browsers.

af: poll: if you set timeout as -1 it will poll infinitely.

Java Script:
        <af:resource type="javascript">
          var _ivtxt;
          function updateText(evt) {
              var potll = evt.getSource();
              _ivtxt = potll.findComponent("otiv4");
              var vis = _ivtxt.getProperty("visible");
              if (vis) {
              else {

           <af:poll interval="#{pageFlowScope.showText? 1000 : -1}"
                       id="p5" timeout="-1">
                 <af:clientListener method="updateText" type="poll"/>

           <af:outputText value="Sample Text" id="otiv4" clientComponent="true"/>

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