Monday, February 16, 2015

OHS 11g: Customize Default Home Page - Shorten URL

If you have Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) as the front-end web server, the default OHS server URL will redirect you to Oracle Fusion Middleware welcome page.

There are many ways to customize default welcome page in OHS 11g. This will also help you to shorten your application URL when giving it to end user.

Method1: Modify httpd.conf default index page entry.

In 11g, the name of the default index page of HTTP Server is "welcome-index.html".

Modify the below lines in the httpd.conf file

 DirectoryIndex welcome-index.html


 DirectoryIndex custom_page.html

where "custom_page.html"  is the name of the static page which you would liked to be displayed instead of the default welcome-index.html page. This custom_page.html should be placed inside the htdocs directory inside the apache folder.

Bounce OHS server to reflect changes.

Method2: Modify "welcome-index.html" existing inside htdocs. No need to Bounce OHS.

1. Go to htdocs folder in your web server environment
2. Backup current "welcome-index.html" file and create new file called "welcome-index.html" with the HTML content you want to show.
3. Now enter the OHS server URL and it will redirect/show the content specified in new "welcome-index.html"

Sample HTML Code:

<title>Sample Application</title>
<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=">

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