Monday, August 5, 2019

Oracle Cloud (OCI):: Getting Started

In this tutorial, I will cover the steps to subscribe to Oracle Cloud and get started with it.

1. First of all, you need to Sign Up for the Free Oracle Cloud Promotion.
2. Go to and click Try for Free.

3. Fill out the Sign Up for Free Oracle Cloud Promotion form. Provide unique cloud account name. It will be your tenancy/root compartment name.
 Note: Provide valid email address/mobile number/ credir card details. Your credit card won't be charged unless you opt for a paid account.

4. Accept the terms and conditions and click Complete Sign-Up to submit your request for a new Oracle Cloud account.

5. You'll get a welcome (Get Started) email with your sign-in credentials for the new Oracle Cloud Console, after the services in your tenancy are provisioned.

6. If you are logging in first time, Click on "Get Started with Oracle Cloud" in  the welcome email,. Sign in with the username and password that was provided in the email. You'll be prompted to change your temporary password. You're then directed to the Oracle Cloud Console.

7. If you already logged in and changed password, then access and click Sign In at the top of the page. Enter the Account Name and click on Next.

8. Select Identity Provider as 'oracleidentitycloudservice' and click on Continue button under Single Sign-On Section.

9. Enter Username and Password, click on Sign In.

10. You're then directed to the Oracle Cloud Console.

11. Click on 'View Health Dashboard' on top right to view current status of OCI and incident history.

12. Go back to Cloud Console and Open the navigation menu in the upper left corner and Browse the
available services and resources.

13. Go to Administration ->  Tenancy Details. It will show your home region. You can also subscribe to new region in this page.

14. Go to Billing ->  Payment Method. It will show payment methods. Click on 'Cost Analysis' tab to view usage charges.

15. Go to Identity ->  Compartments. It will show existing compartments. Click on 'Create Compartment'.

16. Give a name & description to new compartment and select parent compartment. Click 'Create Compartment'. It will create and show all the compartments.

17. Click on Root compartment, followed by click on newly created child compartment to view its details.

18. Go to Identity ->  Users. It will show existing users. Click on user to view the capabilities.

19. Go to Identity ->  Groups. It will show existing Groups. Click on 'Create Group' to add new group.

20. Give a name & description to new group and click 'Submit'. New Group will be displayed in the page.

21. Click on newly created group and Click on 'Add User to Group' to add new user. Select the user from drop down list and click on 'Add'.

22. Go to Identity ->  Policies. It will show existing Policies.

23. Click on 'Create Policy' to add new Policy. Give a name & description to new Policy and add Policy statement. Click 'Create'.

24. Cost Analysis: Go to Billing ->  Cost Analysis. It will show the usage charges.

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