Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Oracle Cloud (OCI):: Object Storage

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service is an internet-scale, high-performance storage platform that offers reliable and cost-efficient data durability. The Object Storage service can store an unlimited amount of unstructured data of any content type, including analytic data and rich content, like images and videos.

With Object Storage, you can safely and securely store or retrieve data directly from the internet or from within the cloud platform.

In this tutorial, I will take you through Object Storage in Oracle Cloud Console.

1. First of all, you need to login to Oracle Cloud Console. Browse and click Sign In at the top of the page. Enter the Account Name and click on Next. Select Identity Provider as 'oracleidentitycloudservice' and click on Continue button under Single Sign-On Section. Enter Username and Password, click on Sign In. You're then directed to the Oracle Cloud Console.

Refer to post to get trail access to Oracle Cloud.

2. Click on Object Storage ->  Object Storage. You will be navigated to Object Storage home page. Click on 'Create Bucket'.

3. Enter Bucket Name and accept defaults. Click 'Create Bucket'.

4. Click on bucket name or 'View Bucket Details' to view bucket details.

5. Inside bucket, click on 'Upload Objects' button.

6. Select files and Click on 'Upload Objects'.

7. After completion of object upload, the page will show uploaded object details. Click on 'View Object Details'. You can download the objects.

8. Change Bucket Visibility: Go back buckets page and Click on 'Edit Visibility'. Change visibility to 'Public' and Save Changes. It will allow external users/systems to access the objects in this bucket over internet.

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